This week, Cafe Con Leche's Creative Planning Strategist, Marissa Rayes, writes about her first time Salsa dancing at Los Sabrosos in Garfield. 

It’s Saturday night and you are wondering what to do - there are always the options of going to dinner, seeing a movie, maybe even bowling, but have you ever considered salsa dancing? For just $7 dollars you can dance the night away at Los Sabrosos, a dance company located at 4909 Penn Ave in Garfield. They offer high quality dance classes in Belly Dancing, all levels of Salsa and Bachata, Ballroom, Hip-hop, Zumba. Every Saturday night Los Sabrosos opens it's doors and hosts Salsa Nights from 10pm - 2am.

I had the pleasure of attending a Salsa Night on Saturday, November 7th.  The owner of the dance company, Nicolette Pawlowski, greeted me. The atmosphere was a very friendly and I instantly felt welcomed the moment I entered the building.

The space where Salsa Night is hosted is very intimate. One part of the room was dedicated to dancing and the other half was dedicated to tables where the guests could take a break from dancing. The lighting and music contributed to the atmosphere of the night. Salsa Night was so lively that you could hear the music and see the lights a block away from the building. This reinforced the inviting atmosphere.

When I first arrived, I sat at one of the tables to take in the scene. As the music started everyone went on the dance floor with their partners, they all looked like seasoned professionals. I was so impressed with their dancing and even more impressed with their passion for the dance. As I watched the dancers, I observed that it looked more than just dance, it looked like an art form. I was very inspired by all of them, inspired to the point where I accepted the offer from the instructor and Co-Director, Agustin Garcia, to dance. Let’s just say I have two left feet. I was very awful at Salsa. Thankfully Agustin was very patient with my lack of rhythm and skills. He even taught me step by step how to dance to Salsa music. After a while I was getting the hang of it, even to the point I accepted to dance with two other gentlemen!

I sat down and got to ask Nicolette a few questions about her business.  I was curious as to how they market their business and salsa nights.

“We market through students, social media, newsletters, and a website called Salsa Pittsburgh (where you can find enough Salsa dancing to dance for 7 days a week), Nicolette told me. Their marketing efforts have proved to be successful in drawing in new attendees. “Normally we have 60-100 guests come to Salsa Night between the times of 11:30p.m. – 2a.m.” Los Sabrosos also markets their Salsa Nights by hosting themed nights. Nicolette indicated that this also brings in a lot of people. 

I think my favorite part about my experience at Los Sabrosos was how everyone knew each other. It felt like they were a family who comes together to celebrate Salsa as an art form. They are welcoming of new people and that is truly what makes a great business. I hope to go back to Los Sabrosos for one of their themed nights and I am also considering taking dance lessons. I want to be able to share that same passion and talent for Salsa dancing.  I highly recommend that the next time you are looking for something to do on a Saturday night you choose Los Sabrosos!

For more information about Los Sabrosos you can check out their website by clicking here.