Part of Café Con Leche’s mission is to create a space for dialogue and creative problem solving. We are intentional about being a place where everyone feels welcome and comfortable voicing the things they must say for the benefit of moving Pittsburgh forward to be a more vibrant, equitable city.

Pride is our space to celebrate the pieces of us that may not always be able to celebrate everyday – our sexual orientations and gender identities. These parts of who we are often at odds with what society considers to be “normal” or “acceptable”. However, to think that because of similar sexual orientations or gender identities, LGBTGIA communities are homogenous is wrong.

LGBTQIA identities have an unlimited amount of experiences that intersect in various places around class, race, culture, place, language and interests. As a result, full representation of who we are through one story discounts the experience of so many others. Which is why groups who say they represent the whole of the community must be extra sensitive to the decisions that they make, images that are projected and activities that are promoted.  Simply said, Pride is political.

Café Con Leche denounces Delta’s decision to bring Iggy Azalea as the headlining performer for their Pride. If people of color had been at the table in planning process for Delta Pride in a meaningful, transparent and consistent way Iggy Azalea would not have been the chosen performer. Bringing Iggy continues to alienate people of color from Delta Pride – we already do not see ourselves reflected in their leadership, their decision to bring her demonstrates how out of touch they are with the Pittsburgh LGBTQIA community as a whole. This includes Latin@s.

A year ago Café Con Leche began planning Pittsburgh’s 1st Latin@ Pride event – ORGULLO. The idea was born out of the fact that there are less than a hand full of known Latin@ focused LGBTQIA Pride events happening in the United States. This speaks to a larger need - there a few places for Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) to express the unique issues they grapple with. Our vision for ORGULLO is to push the conversation about what it means to be Latin@ as well as demonstrate the intersectionality of what it means to be a part of LGBTQIA communities.  Everyone is welcome to attend Café Con Leche’s ORGULLO event on June 5th and 6th at Bricolage theater downtown. This is a space of healing, of power and of peace.

Thank you to ORGULLO's sponsors Bricolage Theater, The Sprout Fund, GALAEI and New Voices Pittsburgh.

For more information on alternative Pridefests happening in Pittsburgh, check out this calendar.