This week for La Perspectiva we are talking with Jasmine Herrera who is Salvadorian by way of California. She is new to Pittsburgh and we are happy to have her! Read on to learn more about where she works, The Midwife Center.

Jasmine Herrera 
Community Engagement Coordinator at The Midwife Center (TMC)
412.321.6880 Ext 210
Favorite place in Pittsburgh: The Strip District





1) How did you come to work at The Mid-Wife Center? What is your role there?

I was in contact with TMC for a year. I guess the “best fit,” was finding me. I was interested in women’s health in a birth center setting and I wanted to get involved with reproductive health services in Pittsburgh in some way. I love health education and my passion is accessibility to services and affordability of health care. Supporting women’s health services is an urgent action!

My Role:
1. Collaborate with women of color community leaders and organizers to foster circles of support for women struggling in accessing health care spaces (support through health education, being a support person for appointments, or fostering safe spaces where women can touch base on their struggles in benefiting from, and receiving the right health care)
2.  Act to combat health disparities in many communities by being a true partner through TMC’s presence in volunteering
3. Promote With Women Fridays and Con Mujeres with the goal of expanding its walk-in services to more than one day, and as a program with the goal of true access to women’s health services
4. Support Strong Start (SS) (a program @ TMC for women who are pregnant and receive Medicaid): The mission of SS is healthy women and babies. I will promote the continuity of peer-led groups through SS and promote more support spaces at TMC for women with various insurances (i.e. Postpartum Support Group, Prenatal Education Program)
2) What is the mission/what are the services that The Mid-Wife Center offers? 

Personalized, client-centered women’s health care. Give back to women the control of her own health care, including her own birthing experience

4) Are services offered in other languages?

We currently host services in Spanish in our Friday walk-in service called "Con Mujeres"
Every 1st Friday, 12:30p-5:00p, walk-in for primary gynecological care including annual exams, pap smears, STI testing, pregnancy tests and more. Spanish-speaking provider and midwife
5) What kind of role do you hope The Mid-Wife Center will play in the health and development of Pittsburgh women and children?

The kind of role I hope TMC will play is being a part of the continuum of a women’s health care experience. Healthy women, healthy community
4) Do you see any challenges to making this hope a reality?

Our current limitation is space. We are in the process of expansion of our space. The expansion will hopefully be ready by 2017. Our new additions include elevators for more accessibility in the building, and larger spaces for more programs.
5) Is there anything else you would like to share?

Don’t hesitate to call me for general questions, to vent about any of the topics I mentioned, to give me feedback, or to just plain connect.  My extension is 210. 

For more information on The Midwife Center, please check out their website by clicking here.