This week for La Perspectiva we spoke with Diana Bellini who is the Vice President - Latin America Account Manager at BNY Mellon. Diana is Ecuadorian by way of Queens, New York. Cafe Con Leche loves working with Diana - her passion for culture, activism in ALPFA and leadership to empower minorities women entrepreneurs is inspiring.  Read on to learn more about Diana's perspective.

What do you love about Pittsburgh?

I love that Pittsburgh is a community oriented city that focuses on building strong relationships. I am blessed to have family, friends, colleagues, and mentors here in Pittsburgh that inspired me to succeed and create an impact in the community. Since Pittsburgh has a small Latino population, I love the opportunities we have to help empower and educate Pittsburghers about our culture. 

How do you maintain connections to Latino culture while living in Pittsburgh?

My favorite place in the city is Lucy’s Handmade Store, an Ecuadorian store in the Strip District because I can connect with my roots and other Latinos. In addition, I work with non-profit organizations to help expand Latino leadership in the region. I am a board member of the Pittsburgh ALPFA Chapter, an organization that focuses promoting and developing Latino leadership in Pittsburgh. Additionally, I am currently working on a project with various organizations to help minority women entrepreneurs sustain and expand their businesses in Pittsburgh.

What are some of the challenges in growing the diversity of the Pittsburgh workforce?

I believe some of the challenges in growing the diversity of the Pittsburgh workforce are the lack of education and awareness about diversity in the workplace and in the community. I think our local organizations, corporations, and government need to build a partnership to recruit, promote, and retain Latino talent in Pittsburgh.

What are some of the opportunities for growing the diversity of the Pittsburgh workforce?

I believe the growth of the Latino population in Pittsburgh is an opportunity to create diversity initiatives within the community. Today, more Latino groups are building coalitions with local government and corporations to create programs that promote Latino leadership. In addition, the growth of technology and entrepreneurship opportunities in Pittsburgh is a great opportunity to engage Latinos into industries where diversity is in-existent.

What do you hope Pittsburgh will be/look like in 20 years?

I hope Pittsburgh will continue to develop and become an important metropolis for the US economy. Most importantly, I hope with career advancements, people in Pittsburgh will become more diverse and accepting of other cultures.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Pittsburgh is a wonderful city that has a lot to offer to newcomers. As a leader in the community, I hope create a more inclusive environment for minority groups in the region.