The Carnegie Library has a wealth of resources available. Many of them focus on learning English (as well as other languages!) and information in helping to navigate how to become an American citizen. Also, if you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, these services require volunteer facilitation - look no further than the library!  If you have more questions about these programs, services or are interested in volunteering please contact Maggie McFalls, Community Engagement Coordinator at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 412-622-8877 and For a full calendar of events, you can see their website by clicking here. 


  1. Let’s Speak English gives lingual minorities opportunities to practice speaking English while connecting them with information, library materials, other organizations and—not insignificantly—introducing them to a community that will help and support them in their new home.  The Library is one of the only organizations that puts no restrictions, fees and waiting lists on people who seek help.
  2. Let’s Read English is a monthly book discussion group for ESL readers up for a challenge! Reading in English helps people practice thinking in English; it enriches their vocabulary; grammar, spelling and writing skills improve; and of course it boosts confidence!  We use this as an opportunity for participants to get Library cards and learn how to use the Library.
  3. There are 18 foreign language classes.  Pittsburghers love to learn languages—there were well over 5,000 people who attended language classes last year!
  4. Bilingual Storytime will be launching in July/August 2015.  The target audience is bilingual families and families interested in gaining exposure to diverse cultures and languages: Japanese at CLP-East Liberty; Nepali at CLP-Carrick; Chinese & Spanish at CLP-Squirrel Hill; Spanish at CLP-Woods Run

Services & Resources:

The Library supports lingual minorities and students of languages with its collections—non-English books, magazines, foreign language films and materials for children and teens and through online language resources. They also offer citizenship resources and/or testing resources, which you can find out more about by clicking here. 

You can see more information about the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh by clicking here to visit their website.