Finder Quigley

After a successful debut in June, The AP Collection is proud to present another Finder Quigley art exhibition on October 15th, 2015. The exclusive, one-night-only event connects nine artists living and creating in Southwestern Pennsylvania with a small number of collectors in a secret location within Pittsburgh city limits. The concept allows collectors and artists to meet and discuss the featured work in a private, intimate setting. 

Finder Quigley is focused on selling art and encouraging new collectors by building one on one connections with local artists. People who've never thought about collecting art before are encouraged to ask lots of questions while established collectors and local creatives are available to answer inquires—all in a very small and relaxed environment. All artwork will be set at an affordable price point for entry level collectors.  Tickets for the event can be purchased by clicking here. 

Among the artists showcased are Sheila C Cuellar-Shaffer and Alejandro Pinzón. They spoke to Cafe Con Leche about their art, reasons for participating in Finder Quigley and how Pittsburgh could strengthen the Latino art scene. 


What kind of art do you specialize in? 

  • Alejandro: I'm a multidisciplinary artist: Orchestra Conductor, tango musician and dancer, photographer.
  • Sheila: Visual arts & graphic design. The two have begun to overlap and influence each other in interesting ways the past few years.

Why did you decide to take part in Finder Quigley?

  • Alejandro: I saw the AP Collection's post about their event and I first felt intrigued by their "secret venue." I like the concept of what they are doing, the way they are promoting local visual artists, and the fact that the works will be for sale, because, you know, artists have bills to pay too! 
  • Sheila: I initially found out about it thanks to Tara Sherry-Torres of Cafe Con Leche, who posted it in the Facebook group I created (Latin American Artists in Pittsburgh). I am always looking for new audiences for my work. Living in a rural area outside of Pittsburgh, it is often difficult to connect to the city scene. What really got my attention was the new format of the show. I saw it as a great opportunity to show pieces of my Pre-Columbian Images in a Postmodern World series. This is a one day show, where all the artists are invited to talk to collectors. The pieces are very affordable and the location is only disclosed to those going to the show. So if you are interested in supporting area artists this is your chance!

How can we foster a stronger Latino art's scene in Pittsburgh?

  • Alejandro: I've lived in Pittsburgh for 3.5 years, but I've been in the region for longer and have collaborated with several Latino organizations. I think the Latino art scene in Pittsburgh is being fostered and gets recognition, but its peak is somewhat limited to the Hispanic Heritage Month, the infamous "5 de mayo" (I was born and raised in Mexico, btw), and such.  We must find a way for our Latino artists to live of their art (that's every artistic community's struggle) and to be active all year round. We artists are generous people. We create and recreate art out of passion, love, and dedication. Our work is a 24/7 endeavor, not a hobby; but, we cannot limit ourselves to "demos" and guest appearances for "exposure." We need to value our work and creativity before the rest of the world does.
  • Sheila: I think Latino artists need to have a voice, grant offerings, venues focused on Latinos and a more visible Hispanic Heritage Month would help. It is crucial that we express ourselves and tell our story. Currently, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has a project called “India in Focus.” A project like that for Latinos would go a long way creating visibility for us in the city. It is difficult for Latino artists to find opportunities sometimes because of the language barrier. There is a group of prominent Latinos is looking for government support to create a national Smithsonian American Latino Museum in Washington, D.C. They need support. Perhaps we should invite them to Pittsburgh.

About The AP Collection

Finder Quigley is presented by The AP Collection LLC and its creator, Genevieve Barbee, a visual artist and podcaster documenting life in Southwestern PA and promoting collaborations between area creatives.

Tickets for Finder Quigley can be purchased by clicking here. There are only 27 tickets are available to serious collectors interested in supporting area artists. Once a $10 ticket is purchased at, the collector receives the location of the pop-up gallery. Dessert will be served with coffee and wine. The doors are open from 6:30-9PM.