Cafe Con Leche specializes in creating that coveted BUZZ around your business. We use a combination of social media, monthly newsletters and websites to market events and services. There are many free and cheap ways to generate attention to your services and products. Check out Cafe Con Leche's top five tips to marketing your business. 

  1. Branding - This came up in Cafe Con Leche's Five Tips to a Successful Event. Name recognition is the most important thing to do when building a clientele base. You want people to hear your (or your event’s name) and know exactly who you are and what you do. Being consistent in your branding and event quality is important to building the reputation you want. Ordering swag such as pens, stickers or other little giveaways with your logo on it is a great way to get your information out into the world.

  2. Blogs - Publishing a regular blog will drive people to your website. Blog entries should highlight your business services and products as well as highlighting topics that are of interest to your consumer base. It's a great tool to engage the public.

  3. Facebook & Twitter Ads - These can be very inexpensive and are an effective way to reach new consumers. You can purchase an ad to drive people to your website or you can "Boost" a post. We recommend coupling your blog posts with social media ads.

  4. Instagram - Sort of like your business' photo blog. You can post short videos, JPEG flyers and photos that are relevant to your business services and products.  

  5. Press Release  - All events should have a press release. This is how you will engage the media. All press releases should have all the basic information for the event, who you are and what your business does and information for a person to contact for more information.  Click here for more information on how to write a press release

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