Culture & The Latino Market

One thing that Pittsburgh does not have (yet) is a large Latino population. The Pittsburgh region is an outlier in this regard because it is the only major metropolitan area in the United States that does not have a significant Latino population. This lack of exposure is a disadvantage for Pittsburgh companies that sell their products and services to a national audience - they do not fully understand the value of targeting Latinos consumers in their marketing campaigns.  With over a trillion dollars in spending power and growing, Latinos are the future consumer base of the United States. Smart companies know in order to remain competitive, they need to start building relationships with Latino consumers now. Marketing your products and services to Latinos in the right way means you will find yourself a very loyal and growing costumer base for years to come.

  • The United States has the second largest Latino population in the world – even larger than the total population of Spain. 
  • 30% of the United States will be Latino by 2040. 
  • One out of five people in the U.S. is Latino.
  • One out of every three babies born in the U.S. is Latino. 
  • Every 30 seconds a Latino person turns 18.


Latino consumers want what all consumers want – authenticity. It is not enough to take an English language campaign translate it to Spanish. The obvious reason for this is because there are nuances that will simply not translate.  Do not rely on stereotypes or broad based generalizations. Instead, get to know your target audience and customize your communication. Target’s new Latino focused marketing campaign, #SinTraduccion (“without translation”) is an example of a marketing campaign that plays off the words, phrases and cultural practices that are a part of Latino culture yet have no translation in American culture. It’s an effort to rely on cultural concepts rather than merely translate Target's general market advertising. 

Bicultural & Bilingual

Culture is multidimensional and defined by family ties, music, food, religion, celebrations and language. Latinos come from many different countries, they can be foreign born or American born. Regardless of being bilingual, culture remains central. Preserving traditions from generation to generation is a priority, while also incorporating some American habits and values into their lifestyle. Bicultural Latinos are the norm, they exhibit a strong sense of duality and are able to seamlessly their Latino and American cultures. Brands that understand that all decisions Latinos make come back to culture will be successful in creating messaging that speaks to bicultural Latinos. 

Multicultural Latino Marketing

Even when marketing to Latinos living in the USA, all Latino markets are not the same. Knowing the cultural practices and regional language of the Latino segment you are targeting goes a long way in building a relationship with Latino consumers. Goya is a good example of a company that develops products and names based upon ethnic differences among Latinos. A can of beans sold in markets that cater to Mexicans will be called “frijoles” while a can of beans sold in markets that cater to Puerto Rican will be called “habichuelas”.  

Inclusivity, not Exclusivity

The Latino market is made up of young, tech-savvy consumers who are active on all social media platforms. Therefore companies need to have strong social media campaigns and multiple ways of providing customer services beyond in-bound and out-bound phone calls. Make sure that you have customer service staff that speaks both Spanish and English in order to have the capacity to serve the Latino community as a whole, no matter which language they are dominate in.

In conclusion, your Latino marketing campaign should act as a window, inspiring Latinos by showing them the future that’s a head of them. Once you have built that relationship with a Latino consumer, you are guaranteed to have a lifelong follower with a relationship may even transcend the generations. Attracting Latino consumers to your brand now is the competitive edge of the future. For additional information check out some of Cafe Con Leche's other blog posts about the Latino market by clicking here.


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