Sobremesa is a roughly translated into English as "the time after the meal, enjoying the company of friends".  Cafe Con Leche will be hosting SOBREMESA, a Puerto Rican supper club series at Most Wanted Fine Art gallery in Garfield between March to August. To reserve your spot, click here. 

Ten Reasons why you need to be at Sobremesa in 2016

  1. You cannot get Puerto Rican food anywhere else in Pittsburgh. 'nuff said.
  2. Cafe Con Leche parties are always memorably fun. And this series will be no different. Live music, art, Pittsburgh celebrities (rumor has it there may even be some baseball players coming through) and YOU. In true Cafe Con Leche style, the event will be full of good food, drink, music and people.
  3. An exclusive opportunity to meet the FIRST EVER Pittsburgh Latino Resident Artists. Cafe Con Leche will really excited to be partnering with Most Wanted Fine Art support the work of local Latino artists, as well as bring in a handful of Latino artists from around the country. This is going to be an eclectic group, with varying talents, perspectives and experiences all coming to show the Pittsburgh art scene what they're made of! Each month will feature a new artist and they will be in attendance at each Sobremesa. Some of them may even be performing live. Official roster of artists to be announced soon.
  4. Coquito & Pitorro. The national beverages of La Isla Del Encanto will be served as a part of the dinner price. Coquito will be bringing you coconut goodness while Pitorro will be serving is up straight moonshine style.
  5. Pernil. Puerto Ricans LOVE our LECHON. Nothing says Puerto Rican like some good roast pork. A delicacy that is often only eaten at Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter, we are serving this up for you!
  6. Mofongo. There will be an entire dinner dedicated to our everlasting love for Mofongo! #mofongo
  7. Feijoada To Go as a guest chef. Our good friend, Feijoada To Go, will be joining us to make a feast that shows how delicious Puerto Rico and Brazil taste like when they meet in the kitchen. 
  8. Pittsburgh Meets Puerto Rico dinner. Cafe Con Leche is always coming up with creative ways to interpret Pittsburgh food through the Puerto Rican food lens and vice versa. We will be hosting a whole dinner where the menu is all about mixing the best of Pittsburgh and Puerto Rican cuisine. For an example of what a Pittsburgh Puerto Rican dish looks like, check out our blog on making a Latino Pittsburgh salad by clicking here.
  9. You can get a season pass or an individual ticket. Not sure if you like Puerto Rican food? Join us for one evening by reserving your spot for one individual dinner (you will fall in love with Puerto Rican food obviously). Know you cannot live without Puerto Rican food and are dying for some in Pittsburgh? get yourself a season pass.
  10. Special Offer for March 12th Dinner!! If you are one of the first 10 people to purchase your tickets for the first dinner on March 12th, you get a delicious gift of Cafe Con Leche's (secret recipe) coquito.

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