Thank you for joining Cafe Con Leche for a cup of cafe con leche

Cafe Con Leche believes in the power of relationships. We take our name from the Puerto Rican tradition of serving coffee with steamed milk to household guests - a gesture of friendship, hospitality and community. It is this simple gesture that strengthens the communal bonds that secure us. The secret to great Puerto Rican coffee is to using a sock. Yes, with a sock. A piece of white cloth fastened to a round wire. The older the sock is, the better the coffee. 

Cafe Con Leche, Estilo Boricua

  1. Boil some water and fill the sock with coffee grounds (a tablespoon and half per cup depending on how strong you like your coffee). Use the kind of coffee you like - Boricuas are partial to Bustello or Cafe Lareño.
  2. As the water boils measure out whole milk to boil in a sauce pan. If you like your coffee claro, use more milk - I prefer about half coffee and half milk. As the milk boils, I whisk it with a small whisk to create foam.
  3. When the water comes to a boil, pour it slowly through the sock. Pour the boiled milk into the cup, then pour in the coffee. Top the coffee cup off with foam from the milk. Sprinkle nutmeg on top for extra sabor. Enjoy!

About Cafe Con Leche

Cafe Con Leche is an experiential marketing and event production company, focusing on the Latino segment in the Pittsburgh region. Our services help companies, nonprofits and institutions curate unique experiences to build authentic brand relationships with Latinos using influencer advertising, events and digital media. Our approach is a little bit of tradition and little bit of innovation. 

Cafe Con Leche's expertise on the Pittsburgh region Latino community uniquely positions us to work with businesses, nonprofits and institutions to help them build relationships with Latino consumers. We hope to help Pittsburgh become a place where services, products and events are marketed in a way that uses linguistic and culturally competent strategies, speaking directly to a diversity of people. Smart companies know in order to stay competitive in the future, they must start building brand relationships with Latino consumers now. Learn more about the importance of marketing to Latino consumers by clicking here. 

Founded in January 2014, Cafe Con Leche was born out of a desire to bring more visibility to the Pittsburgh Latino community. We began by hosting neighborhood based pop up events which showcased a diversity of Latino cultures, both abroad and in the United States. Building off the success of our events, Cafe Con Leche expanded our services to help Pittsburgh businesses, nonprofits and institutions understand how to best market to, serve and retains Latino consumers. Our services include event production, influencer advertising, digital content development, latino outreach strategies and Spanish language marketing. 

We have worked with AlphaLab, Elisco Advertising, The Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Chamber of Commerce and look forward to working with you in building brand relationships with Latinos!

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