The atmosphere was festive on Saturday, March 12th as Tango lovers, foodies and friends came together at Most Wanted Fine Art for Cafe Con Leche's first Sobremesa dinner. Guests were treated to a traditional Puerto Rican holiday meal of pernil (roast pork), arroz y habichuelas (rice & beans), baked yucca, boiled plantains with mojo, arroz dulce (coconut rice pudding) and coquito.  Cafe Con Leche's March Latino Resident Artist, Resaca Tango Duo, entertained guests with live Argentinean Tango music. 

The next Sobremesa dinner will be on Saturday, April 16th where we will be co-hosting with Feijoada To Go to see what it tastes like when Puerto Rico meets Brazil in the kitchen.  APRIL TICKET SPECIAL: Two tickets for $100. Special is good until 4/8!

Cafe Con Leche's top five favorite moments of March's Sobremesa

  1. An impromptu live Tango performance led by Alejandro Pinzon (one half of Resaca Tango Duo) and Sobremesa guest (and local Tango professional) Greta Polo.
  2. Feijoada To Go's Founder & Operator, Keyla Cook, impeccable eye for detail in making the the gallery feel like home.
  3. Jason Sauer's Art Car installation. Have you had you #PGHFamous picture taken in front of it yet?
  4. IKEA's dinnerware, making the Sobremesa table feel so festive!
  5. The never ending bottles of coquito that kept on being passed around. Special shout out to those of us who put the coquito in their coffee after dinner!

What Sobremesa Guests Had to Say

Thank you for a fabulous evening of food, music and conversation! I had a blast.
My favorite parts were the delicious food, impromptu tango dance, and good conversation with new faces. Much of those conversations reinforced the appetite—food and conversation—for opportunities like this in our city.
The coquito was a creamy pastry shake I never knew I loved until now.
My favorite part of Sobremesa was speaking with new people and listening to their stories. The music was great, too! And the food! It was an all-around wonderful experience.
One of the reasons I wanted to attend Sobremesa was that there is not a lot of opportunities to try Puerto Rican cuisine in Pittsburgh. I was able to try coquito, which is a beverage I’ve never had before. It was delicious and I really value the experience of trying new things! The entertainment and atmosphere made for an eclectic and engaging evening. Seeing people dance the tango was so neat.
I think my favorite part of the evening was that moment when everyone at the table starts to pass around the plates. All the hands connecting over food, passing it along, and the smell of the food just made me feel very grateful and happy to be exactly where I was.
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