Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8th 

Mom's are the best. For this year's Mother Day I wrote about three things that my mother gave me. 

  • From my mother I got my love for walking. We passed afternoons exploring Brooklyn neighborhoods. As we began to travel together we would take the time to learn a new place by wandering the streets, feeling the energy of neighborhoods.
  • My mother taught me compassion. Her understanding of the needs of people and varying communication styles. Whenever we meet new people my mom has way of bringing them in and making them feel at home.
  • I always felt loved. I always knew that no matter what I was my mother's priority. She was there for every cold, every school performance, every tear, every milestone. I know my mom sacrificed and worked hard to make sure I was cared for. I am thankful for her encouragement, wisdom and love. 

Now that I live in a different city from my mother I don't always get to travel home for occasions like Mother's Day or her birthday. It is important for me to make her feel special on these days, therefore I surprise her with flowers sent to her home. The flowers are always a nice surprise, they brighten up the apartment and make my mom feel special. 

   "Birthday flowers from my loving daughter - beautiful!"

"Birthday flowers from my loving daughter - beautiful!"

I usually order the flowers from 1-800-FlowersI like ordering from 1-800-Flowers because it's easy. Sometimes special dates sneak up on me, so it's helpful to be able to quickly go online, order a flower bouquet, write a personalized note and check out. All in under 15 minutes. 1-800-Flowers has so many bouquet options, you can even add an extra gift of chocolate or a stuffed animal.

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Tell us mi gente, what are you doing to celebrate Mother's Day?

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