Join us in welcoming May resident artists at Most Wanted Fine Art this Friday, May 6th. They will be showing a little of their work. Throughout the month of May they will be creating new art and hosting individual events. To see future artist events please click here.

Greg Garay

Creative entrepreneur seeking to highlight the gaps and connections between people, objects of the past and the many thoughts shared between the two. The items produced are digital and traditional paintings, as well as illustrations for comic books and children’s books.

Hidden Connections - Basement Gallery

Memories are mental reconstructions of how things were that are shaped by how things are today. As a meeting of new and old, traditional and digital paintings, each piece in Hidden Connections invites the viewer to decipher how these objects/vignettes are connected to each other very similar to how a person would piece together a pivotal event from their past.

Hoesy Corona

Multidisciplinary artist and founding co-director of Labbodies, a performance art laboratory in Baltimore Maryland. Corona’s unapologetically colorful, sculptural and performance based works have been deeply influenced by his queer immigrant experience in the United States. Additionally, formative encounters with racism, discrimination, xenophobia and otherness have shaped the ways in which Corona creatively interprets the contemporary world around him, in new and compelling ways.



Dr. Jason Mendez

A South Bronx Puerto Rican writer focusing on lived experience, notions of home, the power of voice, his work critically reflects a common struggle with identity construction and the process of becoming. 


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