Mofongo May started with our three resident artists - Greg Garay of Pittsburgh, Jason Mendez of Pittsburgh and Hoesy Corona of Baltimore - kicking it off at the May 6th Unblurred Gallery Crawl in Garfield. 

[My wife] and I had a great time last night. The food was great, the artists were interesting, and the music was great too! We hope to make another one.
— Christopher Mager

The party continued on May 14th at Sobremesa, where guests were treated to an exclusive opportunity to meet the artists while listening to the sounds of Geña y Peña. They sipped on coquito (coconut eggnog) and pitorro cocktails (Puerto Rican cured rum), Rock Bottom Brewery generously supplied the beer. On the menu was Puerto Rico's famous dish - MOFONGO! Mofongo is made from fried green plantains, mashed with garlic and olive oil, accompanying the mofongo was caldo de pollo (chicken stew) and habichuelas rosadas (stewed pink beans). For dessert there was a choice of passion fruit or coconut cheese cake. 

It’s the sunlight coming into the gallery. It’s the warm atmosphere. It’s the wonderful wonderful wonderful music. It’s the intimate setting. It’s the special feeling of sharing a meal with strangers and talking like familyfor a moment in time, sharing memories around food and conviviality, micro-moments of love.
— Mary Taylor

Pastelon June

Cafe Con Leche's June Resident Artist will be Elizabeth Barreto. Born and raised in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Elizabeth did her undergraduate studies at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico in San Juan and received her BFA title in visual arts majoring in painting. Influenced by the local street art and Puerto Rico's popular culture, Barreto's work focuses on murals in the community. You can welcome her to Pittsburgh at Most Wanted Fine Art, 5015 Penn Ave., during the next Unblurred, Friday June 4th.

The next Sobremesa will be Saturday, June 11th at 6pm. On the menu there will be PASTELON! Sort of like a Puerto Rican lasagna, Pastelon takes all the flavors and textures we love and puts them into one dish. On the bottom: sweet plantains, in the middle: picadillo (seasoned ground beef), on top: spicy pepper jack cheese. The result is a layering of sweet, savory, spicy, cheesy and meaty. Cocktails include coquito (coconut eggnog) and other fun beverages.

Tickets are on sale now for June's Sobremesa, two for $100! 

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