5/18 Meeting #2 Minutes + Survey Results 

1. Welcoming remarks by Keyla Cook

  • Special announcement: Point Park University: Diversity in the eyes of women event.

2. Group reaction to survey results: 

  • Jesabel Rivera summarized results by saying, "...the general conclusion is that women were mostly interested in either receiving or giving training for professional development. The desired skills may be developed by joining efforts from community members."
  • It is intended that Latinas Connect will focus on empowering Latinas as leaders.
  • "Companies are not always aware of the value that Latinas bring to the table at different organizations until they actually see you perform, but they won’t hire you to give you a chance to show your skills."
  • Job seeking takes a long time without a mentor.
  • "What is leadership? Mentorship?" 
  • Jesabel Rivera shared examples of what a leader would do and how we may complement each other to help each of us grow.

3. Poster Activity:

  • Attendees wrote on posters their personal and professional development needs. These would be needs that attendees would be interested in sharing with others.

Attendee questions and comments:

  • Information resources seem to be a need.
  • Latinas Connect will be associated with: networking, support group, information source.
  • Latinas Connect would be a source for women to equip themselves with skills and knowledge, and then would be multipliers of skills and knowledge to other women.
  • Work done may take different forms: mentoring, workshops, phone calls, online classes, etc. This will be decided by participants down the road depending on expressed needs agreed on.
  • Personal development. How can I benefit?: Relaxation, learn how to advocate for ourselves, healthy habits, time management, etc.
  • Personal development. How can I help?: Mindfulness, abuse info, heart issues, health coaching, cooking, marriage counseling, self-esteem counseling, civic education.
  • Prof. Development. How can I help?: Resume and government information. Negotiation skills, personal branding and promoting, photography, health disabilities, real estate acquisition, medical issues, public speaking.
  • Some participants shared their professional background with which they could serve other women. For example, legal advice, issues related to social work, real estate, among others.
  • It was suggested to have an exchange of items among Latinos before school starts.
  • Jesabel pointed out that although there might be organizations in the area that may provide certain services, there could be additional collaboration provided by LC.

Latina Connection survey results: (Survey was taken after 1st meeting to assess needs and interests of group.)

  • All participants agreed to continue with the group based on some needs such as make new connections, support, and uplift other Latinas.
  • Survey also showed the lack of resources for Latinas and their community. This lack of resources can be seen as lack of organizations and services available such lack of bilingual resources. They provided some examples of valuable resources that we have at the moment such as Casa San Jose, Latino Family Center among others; however many mentioned that other resources are needed.
  • The participants expressed as an immediate need the importance of organizing and structuring the group in a manner that we can all have a voice.
  • Participants also mentioned: visibility not only for us women, but also for the community; space to share ideas and grow; networking and mentorship of other Latinas.
  • All participants agreed that the first meeting was useful and needed as a space where Latinas can interact, get to know other women and it was the step needed to connect Pittsburgh Latinas.

Latinas Connect meets 3rd Wednesday of each month, 6:30pm to 8pm at the Squirrel Hill Carnegie Library. Next meeting is June 15th.

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