Queridos Latinos,

In this country, that is now our home, what do we want our legacy to be? Being a part of the United States means taking responsibility. This means addressing one of this nation's most troubling characteristics: Racism. It is a community problem that effects us all. 

Latinos have the skill set, the history and the passion to be leaders in facilitating peace, healing and understanding. Our ancestors fought for freedom from colonialism in the 19th and 20th century and then dictatorships in the late 20th century. Latin America, fraught with blood and struggle, has given us the tools to understand what it means when state sponsored violence is our reality. Latinos are Freedom Fighters. We were there at the founding of hip hop in the Bronx, we were there during the storming of the beaches of Normandy and every other war the United States has been a part of, we have been leading the way for worker's and immigration rights in the United States. It is in our blood to stand up for what it right. 

Black Lives Matter to Latinos because Latinos are black. We are a patchwork of the whole world. Some of us crossed borders and others had borders cross them. Perhaps you escaped to this country to save your life, to save the life of your family, to be free. You may want to "lay low" and not bring attention to yourself. But as long as black people are not free in the United States, you are not free. 

I believe in the power of Latinos. I believe in our ability to lead. I am asking you to use that power and ability and get on the right side of history. Start with yourself and work through your family, friends and neighbors. Now is the time to stand up and to say, No Más

  1. Understand what implicit bias is and how it relates to racism.
  2. Donate money to an organization that is working on issues of racial justice. 
  3. Learn more about the history of the United States and how slavery shaped the national identity. 
  4. Speak up when someone around you makes a racist or insensitive statement. 
  5. Love Black People.