Hoesy Corona is a multidisciplinary artist and founding co-director of Labbodies, a performance art laboratory in Baltimore Maryland. Corona’s unapologetically colorful, sculptural and performance based works have been deeply influenced by his queer immigrant experience in the United States. Additionally, formative encounters with racism, discrimination, xenophobia and otherness have shaped the ways in which Corona creatively interprets the contemporary world around him, in new and compelling ways. His work has appeared at The Baltimore Museum of Art, VisArts, Washington Project for the Arts, and The Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival among others. 

In May 2016, Hoesy was one of Cafe Con Leche's resident artist's. During his time here, Hoesy immersed himself in the Pittsburgh community, building relationships and creating thought-provoking multidisciplinary art. Hoesy will be returning to Pittsburgh as apart of the Re:NEW Festival this fall. We sat down with Hoesy to learn more about his time in Pittsburgh and what he has planned for Re:NEW.

  • Tell us about your time in Pittsburgh this past May.

I loved my time in Pittsburgh this past May as the Cafe Con Leche Latinx Resident Artist at Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery! The city has a strong local arts community and a rich cultural history, as well as an active series of urban renewal redevelopments. Highlights include the Cafe con Leche Sobremesa dinners, The Gallery Crawl, and the Strip District on the weekends! During my stay I also visited tons of art exhibitions across the city including those at The Carnegie Museum of Art, Boom Concepts, Bunker Projects, Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, The Andy Warhol Museum, The Mattress Factory, Artist Image Resource, and The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust downtown galleries.

  • Describe the art work you created while in Pittsburgh.

Throughout the course of my month long creative residency I fully immersed myself in the inquiry: what does it mean to be a Latinx in a place where there are few Latinxs? and produced work that emerged from my observations. My choice of media ranged from cut vinyl on clear film, acrylic on plastic, as well as performance and video.

The first week, I produced decal compositions of men and women mowing lawns, building houses and cleaning.

The second week I produced a series of graphic vinyl compositions that portrayed ‘aliens’. The last two weeks I fully developed my new series titled "White Constructions" where I explore notions around the calculated construction of race as it pertains to US-centric power structures. This series explores the deliberate construction of race in North America and the strategic placement of white identities as superior to the rest. In White Constructions I limit my materials to the word 'white' cut from black vinyl on a clear surface. My hope is that these constructions make a complex topic visible and encourage a timely conversation around the social construction of race and the social ramifications for people of color.

During my last 3 days in Pittsburgh I also performed “Nobody in Pittsburgh” throughout the Garfield neighborhood and documented some of my outings to later translate those documents into short videos. This performance is part of my ongoing series “The Nobodies” (2009-present) where I explore what it means to be a disenfranchised member of society in North America by embodying the abstract concept of ‘nobody’. In these performances I invite audience members to play a part in the act of nobodying, an operation that consists of making somebody, nobody. “Nothing” all of a sudden becomes individualized, becomes body and eyes becomes no one.

  • Why did you choose to apply to show at the Re:NEW festival? What will you be performing for the festival?

I found out about the Re:NEW Festival while preparing for my month long residency in Pittsburgh and chose to apply because I figured my sculptural work fit the theme of creative reuse. While in Pittsburgh I attended an info session for the festival at BOOM Concepts and a month later I was invited to participate in the festival!

On October 8th I will be performing “Nobodies Gala”, an 8 person sculptural performance presented in conjunction with the VIA Festival. There will be two performances: a 20-minute performance in early afternoon, and a 40-minute performance in the evening. These performances will be outdoors, near the East Liberty Presbyterian Church (across from the Ace Hotel)!! Needless to say I am beyond excited to come back to Pittsburgh!!!

  • How can people find out more about you and your work?

You can keep up with my art at www.hoesycorona.com and @hoesycorona — additionally you can keep up with my curatorial endeavors at www.labbodies.com and @labbodies.

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