Join the Pittsburgh Latino community this Saturday, Oct. 15th, 4-8pm in Market Square, Downtown Pittsburgh!

[Juntos] We Move is part of a 10 series of parties coordinated by Welcoming Pittsburgh, the Global Switchboard and Shift Collaborative to showcase different immigrant communities in the City of Pittsburgh. The Latino Family Center was selected as the agency to coordinate the [Juntos] We Move party focused raising the visibility of the Spanish Speaking Latino community in Pittsburgh. The Latino community has increased dramatically in Pittsburgh for the past decade. This increase has also brought an influx of Latino businesses, restaurants, organizations, artists and entrepreneurs.

In order for this party to truly showcase the visibility of the Latino Community, the Latino Family Center requested the support of Latino organizations representing the Spanish speaking Latino community making it one of the most inclusive parties in the Latino community! These organizations all brought their strengths to [Juntos] We Move and we are so excited to showcase the hard work of all organizations to lift our community.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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