Meeting minutes from July's Latinas Connect meeting on July 20th. The next Latinas Connect will be on August 17th at 6:30 at The Squirrel Hill Carnegie Library. 

  1. Introductions. Welcome to new participants.
  2. Stevie Sheridan with Quantum Theatre. Quantum Theatre is showing Peribañez, play by Spanish playwright. Play runs from August 5-28 in Rose Garden at Mellon Park. There is a special ladies night offer for August 10. Only women will be in the audience. Good networking opportunity. Order tickets online at or call 412-362-1713. Use discount code: CONNECT to buy one ticket, get one free for ladies night.
  3. Antonia Domingo: update on Martin Esquivel Hernandez’s case. Martin was detained by ICE after a traffic stop. He is now in a for-profit prison in Youngstown, OH, charged with “illegal reentry.” There is a campaign in Pittsburgh to pressure the U.S. Attorney and ICE to drop charges. Visit to sign the petition and for information on making phone calls. You can also donate to the Esquivel family via the website. Martin is criminal case and immigration case. U.S. Attorney can exercise prosecutorial discretion. ICE can also exercise prosecutorial discretion. Martin does not fit ICE priorities for deportation: no criminal background, deportations are before 2014. Martin is valued member of the community, family is here, son is U.S. citizen.
  4. General discussion: These tyoes of cases are increasing. There is a desire to organize together to be able to respond. What should coordinated response look like?
  5. Marcela: The Birth Circle is offering prenatal classes in Spanish. Classes will be each Thursday from 10am to 12pm. There is an upcoming series from September 1 to October 5. The classes will be held at the Latino Family Center, 5450 Second Ave., Floor 2, Pittsburgh, PA 15207. Classes are free and bus passes are provided for each class. Each mom who participates can have a doula for her labor. Mothers may bring a support person. To register or for more information, call/text Marcela at 412-495-7330 or send an email to
  6. General discussion: Funding things like Spanish prenatal classes. Can possibly frame classes as a study and receive federal academic funding.

The next Latinas Connect meeting will be on August 17th at 6:30-8pm in the Squirrel Hill. There will be a presentation about the process of applying for city jobs in Pittsburgh. RSVP today by clicking here. 

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