Jason Mendez, PhD

Jason Mendez, PhD

Cafe Con Leche's 2016 Resident Artist, Jason Mendez PhD, has teamed up with Tameka Cage Conley PhD to create a beautiful performance piece, Redemption: Sons at the New Hazlett Theater

Redemption: Sons is hope. It is change. It is a parent’s soul split in two and fused back together again. An African American mother from Louisiana and a Boricua father from the South Bronx engage in a call and response “duologue” as they weave a story of race, ancestral memory, trauma, and healing. For a full performance profile, check out this article by The Glassblock.

The performance is this Thursday, December 8th at 8pm, New Hazlett Theater on the Northside, Pittsburgh PA. To purchase tickets, click here. This event is not to be missed!

*Cover photo from New Hazlett Theater website

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