Like many of you we stayed up late watching election results. It would be easy to say "we were surprised". But the truth is not only are we not surprised, we knew from the moment that Trump announced his run for president that he would likely win. Not because of anything to do with his pedigree but because we know that the United States of America is rooted in white supremacy.

Despite this knowing, we are profoundly disappointed.

Cafe Con Leche is built on the premise that building relationships for the sake of building relationships is central to building a community. The strength of a community is determined by the quality of the relationships. The quality of relationships is what allows for people to full actualize and become contributing members of society. We believe in the power of culture and it's ability to inform, fuel and mobilize people. 

These principals continue to guide Cafe Con Leche as we carve out creative, neighborhood based, spaces which serve to highlight the best of Latino food + art in Pittsburgh. Beyond providing quality hospitality, our hope is that all guests will make some new friends, try some new (delicious) food, enjoy live music and contemplate art. Building relationships, providing community and building joyful + healing space is what we will continue to do in the aftermath (and throughout) a Trump presidency.

Join us on November 18th from 5-8pm at Alloy 26 as we celebrate Pittsburgh Latino community leaders who have been on the ground before this election, during this election and after this election. They are the true heroes. For more information on the event please click here

Love up on each other because all need it.  

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