Born and raised in downtown Mexico City, Francisco has lived between Europe and the United States for the last twelve years. Since he began his undergraduate studies, Francisco knew that he wanted to become a teacher. Throughout his professional career, Francisco has taught at almost all levels, including kindergarten, elementary school, adult education, and university-level courses in various disciplines such as history, anthropology, creative writing, and Spanish language.

Francisco earned a Ph.D. degree in Hispanic Studies at The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and thanks to the K. Leroy Irvis Fellowship, this fall he will complete an M.F.A. degree in Creative Writing at the University of Pittsburgh. An award-winning author of four books of fiction written in Spanish, and this year Francisco's first book in English will be released: Crush Me/Ría Brava, a “broken novel”. It portrays the social and psychological struggles that undocumented immigrants experience in the United States.

Currently Francisco serves as a Visiting Assistant Professor at High Point University, where he teaches courses on critical thinking, college writing, Spanish language, and Latin American history and culture. His favorite two places to eat in Pittsburgh are El Milagro (on Beechview Avenue) and Everyday Noodles (on Forbes Avenue). 

I always knew that I wanted to become a teacher.
— Francisco