Jeimy was the Director of Bilingual Youth Programs at Casa San Jose, a community resource center that links Latino neighbors in need with service providers and other resources to advance their welcome and integration. At Casa San Jose, Jeimy developed culturally-sensitive programs for Latino students in the Pittsburgh Area.

The first program she directed was the after-school sessions at Beechwood Elementary School twice a week. Jeimy would focus on helping children ages 5-8 improve their English as well as their Spanish. In addition, she collaborated with local schools and universities to create additional learning opportunities for all the school-aged children and their parents. After seen so much need in the community Jeimy started a Saturday children’s program for children aged 8-14 where she coordinated various field trips to museums, parks, and pools while also providing resources such as dental clinics, winter coats, and notebooks. This program was focused on Latino children interacting with one another and understanding that they didn’t have to be ashamed of their culture and how they can use that to integrate in the American culture as well. Jeimy also started a teen program so teens could interact and learn about their culture and the American Culture together. Throughout these programs Jeimy served 47 children and took them to 15 field trips in a year.

What motivates Jeimy the most is that she is also a child of immigrants from Mexico, she wanted the youth she served to be children and forget about the responsibilities they have at home for a couple of hours. She saw herself through these children and they were her motivation to show them as much as possible, to have fun and to learn from one another other. Because although we are different we have one thing in common and that is our culture.

What motivates me the most was that I too am a child from immigrant parents and sometimes you just wanted to be a child and forget about the responsibilities you have at home for a couple of hours.
— Jeimy