Boris Balsindes Urquiola is a young highly creative, multifaceted Afro-Cuban artist, experienced in theater, music, photography and film production. He arrived to the United States in October of last year with the dream of sharing his culture and furthering his education in Theater and Africana Studies here. His life experience growing up in Cuba are an integral part of who he is as an artist and producer which blends his multicultural, multilingual, multicolor sounds and visuals into experiences of a Cuba we think we know, into a Cuba he knows very well. His work details the life of a Cuban in a particular neighborhood of Habana, where characters live, work, struggle and celebrate life and the dream for a better future. Food, music, art, and stories are told thru the lens of everyday nuances, with an installation that brings life his home as he wishes to share with his new friends in America. Utilizing mixed media arts, you will feel you are in Habana, just another day….. hoping, dreaming, feeling, that better days will come.