Victoria Snyder is the past Director of Multicultural Student Services at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and currently the Community Director for COTERIE Pittsburgh, a female focused co-working space. She is also the founder of Diversity Partners, a diversity training, consultation and talent management company. She also serves as Senior Producer for Ya Momz House, Inc, a mixed media arts production and film company. She sits on several boards including the Young Leaders Board of the YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh, accessibility advisory committee for Bricolage Theaters, and a member of the advisory board for the Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

Victoria received her undergraduate degree in History and Media Studies from the University of Mount Union. She received her first Masters from the University of Akron in Higher Education Administration and received her second masters from Duquesne University in Leadership in Professional Administration.

My passion to create conversations around hard topics.
— Tori