Mrs. Varlotta was born and raised in San José, Costa Rica where she resided with a large a loving, very close familia de padres, hermanos, abuelos, tíos and primos.  

While studying languages at the University of Costa Rica, Mrs. Varlotta was also teaching at various language institutes in her country and was offered a scholarship for international students to finish her degree at Chatham College in Pittsburgh .  After graduating, she was hired to teach Spanish with the Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) and soon married her novio of six years who was from Pittsburgh. While her children were young, Ms. Varlotta stopped working. When they began school, Mrs. Varlotta was blessed to be re-assigned a position at Phillips Elementary School, the same school her children were attending.  An additional blessing came when, through all of the turmoil of PPS restructuring, Mrs. Varlotta landed at Brashear High School.

With over 100 Latino students enrolled at Brashear, the school has the largest Latino population of any school in the region, and Mrs. Varlotta has become the most trusted and valued resource for those students.  In addition to sponsoring the Latin American Student Association at Brashear and serving as a mentor for most of the Latino students in the building, Mrs. Varlotta has also taken it upon herself to serve as a liaison between the school and all of its Latino families.  Having over 150 different students every year though, the majority who are not Latinos, has allowed Mrs. Varlotta the opportunity to also serve as a bridge between the Latino population in her community and the community at large.

I serve as a liaison between the school and all of its Latino families.
— Mrs. Varlotta